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Username: CrossFire
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 8:48 PM GMT
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Subject: Chris



The messages that I posted earlier in the day were essentially the last thoughts that came to my mind that I considered worth putting before you.  Aside from that, I really did not intend to bore you, or other viewers on this bulletin board, beyond that which I have already done in prior messages.  As you cannot see my facial expressions nor hear such tones in my voice, please trust me that I make that last statement without malice whatsoever.  I simply don't have any more comments to add to this bulletin board beyone this one.

If you are wondering why I have taken the course that I did in my previous messages, then perhaps it may be useful to you to know that I was trained to undertake such detailed analysis given my professional background.  I wanted to give IOD the benefit of that training because, like it or not, you and IOD are in the midst of a political dogfight and I know that politics is a dirty game.  I was only concerned that IOD might get blind sided at the 11th hour with no chance to respond.  I was also trying to suggest a backup plan, a Plan B, if you will in case Plan A didn't materialize to the fullest extent.  This is evidenced by the comments I made yesterday.  I thought we, as IOD Supporters, might be able to assist IOD and try to provide possible alternatives to solving the issues that ICANN, IOD, IOD Supporters, and IOD Opponents have been embroiled in for many days now.  I was wrong to interfer.  I know that now.

As for your latest reply below, I ask only that you have your outside legal counsel provide the IOD Supporters a legal interpretation of the first paragraph in IOD's dispute policy dated September 29, 2000.  I also recommend that you delete your last message as it gives the wrong impression.  You are busy and we know that.  Better not to respond right away and instead wait for an attorney to return your call and give you the information we seek.  I ask for nothing else.  I'm tired and I need to focus on other personal obligations.  Thank You!

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