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Username: cambler
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 6:30 PM GMT (Sun, October 15, 2000 at 11:30 AM PDT)
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Score: 5
Subject: Global Concerns


Dear Sir (I would prefer to call you by name, but you have not provided it) -

Please note that the Eastern US backup facility is for the registry services, not DNS services. We have contracted with UltraDNS for DNS services. UltraDNS provides global data centers for DNS services. As the Internet is a global network, the location of the actual registry center is immaterial. We chose to place both centers in the United States for ease of access.

As to your concerns about marketing, we chose to begin with the United States and Canada, as it is the market we know best. Plans call for extended marketing, world wide, shortly thereafter. We felt, however, that marketing was only a small part of the application, as the key concerns of stability and competition far outweigh any marketing plans we might have.

I hope I have addressed your concerns.

Christopher Ambler
CTO, Image Online Design, Inc.
The .Web Internet Domain Registry


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