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Username: Mr. Lawrence
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 3:43 PM GMT
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Subject: Global Commitment By Applicants


                When .COMs, .NETs, and .ORGs were first available, there was little concern for "global commitment" (spelled correctly here, incidentally).  It was only late-in-the-game that individuals from countries other than the USA could compete for prized TLDs. 

However, I notice (through name searches at the IOD website) that there are substantial numbers of registrations from Korea, Japan, UK, Saudi Arabia, et al.  This is good.  For the first time, only through IOD, have these individuals been able to compete, from the outset, for truly valuable/usable TLDs.  THIS IS GLOBAL COMMITMENT.

Do not further subjugate third-world countries by exclaiming: "They have their own ccTLD.".  We all know the country code for the Sudan region is virtually worthless, on a global internet scale.  As a matter of fact, for a business in the Sudan, the ccTLD would probably be a detriment, when compared to other businesses utilizing gTLDs.

Through IOD, much of the world has opportunities not afforded by previous delegation of TLDs.  Our friends in Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria, etc., now have a shot at global competition.  This is good for all of us. 

Previously, registrars, internet-related businesses, and even ICANN paid little attention to the disparity, based on geography.  It appears no entity thought to wait for worldwide internet infrastructure, prior to releasing any TLDs.

When we speak of "Global Commitment", perhaps we should take into account the outpouring of support for IOD, from previously excluded peoples.

Most Sincerely,

Mark Lawrence      


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