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Username: joannalane
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 7:24 PM GMT
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Subject: Vote yes to IOD - there is an indisputable argument for doing so posted here.


Mr Coppola makes a strong argument for IOD at the end of his above post almost as an afterthought: "Network Solutions reserved a few domains for itself,
such as and .
So did IODesign, that reserved iod.web , iodesign.web ,
nic.web and the.web for itself .
Do you allow IODesign to keep these few domains for itself?
Of course you do.
So the same concept applies to the registrations taken by
other people at (almost 20,000 so far)."

This is the bottom line. The idea that ICANN would deny IOD it's application, then enforce a level playing field for .web applications, including iod.web etc. is inequitable and quite frankly, a ridiculous suggestion. Of course IOD will keep iod.web etc., as will all other .web registrants keep their names, whomsoever is the appointed registry. (These can be challenged individually through the UDRP later if appropriate.) It is in nobody's interests to deny the most popular .web TLD altogether. Equally, it is nonsense to award .web to an applicant who is not well positioned to bring it to market expediently when there is a perfectly competent applicant capable of doing so.

The people who did not have the foresight to register their interests in .web names, were obviously playing elsewhere while others did their homework in a timely fashion and gained an edge. That is no reason to now recreate a level playing field and it would be a poorer world if we rewarded the poor behaviour of some people now throwing sour grapes while punishing hard working entrepreneurs who put their money where their mouth is and invested in the start-up of new ventures.

Go IOD! It's yours.

Joanna Lane
IOD Supporter and Registrant since 1999


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