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Username: pilot2
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 7:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Hear Is What We Fear, "hitz"


        IOD supporters think IOD's application does stand on its own.  However, the conflict of interest of Ken Stubbs on the DNSO board, while simultaneously involved with at least three applications for numerous TLDs, creates the appearance of potential impropriety in the selection of new TLDs.  You can't see this? 

That is the reason for the press releases, the repeated questions in this forum, etc. 

We honestly feel that there is the distinct possibility that the contents of applications may not be the deciding factor in this "open and transparent" process.  We are left in the dark, until D-Day. 

And if you think it is hogwash that we recognize the potential impropriety, then you better wake up.  The potential for impropriety is there.  No representative from ICANN is there to ease the concerns of the internet public.  It's as though we don't even matter. 

My money has been spent supporting IOD, by purchasing their products.  My money has not gone into hiring public relations firms, consultants, and high-powered attorneys to steal something that isn't mine.



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