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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 7:08 PM GMT
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Subject: Some arguments pro/contra IODs .web ... please read!


       I have repeatedly read similar arguments concerning IODs .web.
I am wondering, why there seem to be two "Jim Smiths" on this board
and why many other interesting people didn't consider my previous
posts or replies to their postings, but kept/keep repeating

The major issues/informations are:

1. If you read the texts to the existing trademark law, you will
notice that an address can not violate a trademark. The action taken
in/under the respective address can, but not the address as such.
Therefore no lawsuits will be started after the accreditation of
e.g. IODs .web, if trademark law is applied correctly.

2. Millions of registrations of .web addresses are predicted, but
why then do we care about 20'000 already taken names? Is this
logical? Why are some people so much interested in those 20'000
names, which have already been registered?

3. Was IODs .web just known to a small group of people? No, it was
not difficult to come across IODs .web: If you knew about IANA or
later ICANN, the relevant information has been discussed there over
and over for years.

If someone did not know IANA or ICANN, he'd better not complain, but
inform her/himself better next time.

4. Some people warn that IOD will break down or be sold to NSI or any
other big company, soon. But at the same time they support Afilias
application and think they should get .web.

Afilias IS a "big company" with NSI participating in it!
Afilias – IS NOT an "open consortium with limited ownership" nor is
it "open to any ICANN registrar to enter into", but belongs to 19 of
the biggest companies you can think of: They will fix the rules and
decide who may participate and who may not.
Afilias is the quickly born child of their recent marriage:
Their superbaby - a "supercompany".

With todays technology it is not so difficult to build up a stable
registry. But if ICANN wants to be sure, they have to test all
applicants, if they are able to handle 100'000+ registrations per
day or not.
Maybe Afilias fails, maybe IOD, maybe Norstar. I bed that neither of them will fail in such a test.

5. Talking about money: If I understand some people correctly, they
prefer Afilias to make the money and not e.g. Mr. Ambler. I wonder why?

6. Talking about money again: If I understand some people correctly,
they prefer new registrants to make the money and not the ones who
registered over the last 4 years. Again, I wonder why?

7. Some people think, that good domain names need to be expensive.
That's the case with .tv.
At the same time, people are accused for "cybersquatting" - selling
names at high prices.

Now: What's better: If the registry makes the money, or the registrar or the person who registers a domain name - What's more democratic?

This is clearly a point in favour of the so called "cybersquatters",
who are nothing more but "high risk investors" - only this dreadful
name makes them sound "criminal".
In the end, they all pay their taxes.

I hope that this post will be read and answered.

Thank you!

Friedrich Kisters



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