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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 9:31 AM GMT
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Subject: Don't you understand that Internet People means IOD registrants?!


Hitz wrote:

>You really must think ICANN is stupid. It's obvious that IOD is
>actively supporting the insults, threats and attacks in this forum.

I think that this is a misunderstanding of the whole situation.

Internet users have known in good faith for 4 years that the new .web TLD was managed by IOD. There was an authorization from IANA in 1996
that supported this view. Of course IOD registrants are generic Internet people.

IOD and IOD registrants have been patient for 4 years.
It is obvious that Afilias' and Neustar's last-minute applications
appear out of common sense at this time. In any case, IOD's application is very strong and valid and IOD's .web registry can
be online (for all Internet users) in a couple of weeks.
From any point of view, IOD is the natural and perfect choice
for ICANN.
IOD registrants (that means Internet people) are writing this in their posts: that's all.

I did not read insults from IOD supporters in this forum.
On the contrary, it seems that insults come from a few anonymous
IOD opposers.
However, I may be wrong. In this case I strongly ask IOD supporters
to avoid any form of insults.
A fair decision by ICANN means that IOD will run the .web registry.
So IOD supporters have no reason to insult or to flame.
They should wait for the natural decision by ICANN. That's all.


Fabrizio Coppola



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