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Username: IODskeptic
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 1:10 PM GMT
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  To: C.Ambler, IOD

I read the IOD vs CORE document on ICANN correspondence.
This shows that .web can't be used as a Trademark by IOD.
However, its shows many other facts also:
- IOD is taking pre-registrations rather than registrations
  as claimed by IOD and IOD supporters;
- Nothing about 1996 permission by IANA and other IOD's supporters
  strong points: it seems that IOD started this registry by its own
  with no permission, so IOD has no rights on .web;
- Mr. Ken Stubbs is not the enemy of IOD, as stated by many
  IOD supporters:
  it's IOD the enemy of Mr.Stubbs! Actually it was IOD that sued
  CORE and Mr.Stubbs.
- So: IOD has no special rights on .web and can rely on its   application   only, as well as Afilias and Neustar can.
- This means that IOD may loose the game.
- So here is my question again (that you refused to answer):
  what are you going to do if .web application by IOD is rejected?
  What about your customers?
  Remember that on you wrote that $35 are not refundable
  if .web does never become a real TLD. However, it is not considered
  that .web may become a real TLD hold by another registry!



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