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Username: hitz
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 6:50 PM GMT
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Subject: Desperation


Image Online Design Chief Executive Officer, John Frangie, Criticizes Afilias's Effort to Take the .Web Name in the ICANN Process

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The following statement by Image Online Chief Executive Officer, John Frangie, was released today in response to the Afilias proposal submitted to ICANN:

``I am deeply troubled by the Afilias proposal. It represents a systematic attempt to take the .Web domain name from Image Online Design, and undermine the exhaustive work and significant investment made by the company over the last four years.

Image Online Design has operated the .Web registry since 1996. We have a long-standing track record of running one of the most sophisticated pioneer registries in the world. Our application for the .Web domain name is the culmination of over four years of hard work. Our efforts have produced a registry that manages almost 20,000 .Web registrations - and spans 98 countries worldwide.

Afilias knows we have run the .Web registry for the last four years. They know we are the only registry that has the technical expertise to successfully manage it. They know that our proposal meets all the major criteria laid out by ICANN to be selected as a Top Level Domain. So why are they hell-bent on trying to take the .Web name away from Image Online Design - especially when they have applied for two other domain names?

By applying for the .Web name, Afilias is making a mockery of the ICANN process. They are deliberately trying to undermine one of the few small registries competing in the process that will bring competition, stability and diversity to the Internet.

ICANN should reject this cynical and contemptible ploy by Afilias.``


First off, what half decent law firm would put out such an unprofessional, attacking press release? Obviously a desperate one. One whose court efforts have thus far have failed.

If IOD's application stands on its merits alone, what's the need for such an unprofessional press release? Obviously IOD and friends aren't as confident as they so claim.

You really must think ICANN is stupid. It's obvious that IOD is actively supporting the insults, threats and attacks in this forum. Their press release shows their true motives and intentions.

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