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Username: Doc Again
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 7:18 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN vs IOD


I find it interesting that ICANN has chosen to post the details of the IOD vs CORE and Ken Stubbs court case on its web site.

On the one hand it certainly explains why Ken Stubbs has gone out of his way to get back at IOD by being asssociated with both of the other applications (directly through Afilias and indirectly through CORE with both Afilias and JVTeam).

On the other hand it does question who is pulling the strings at ICANN. So far, the only comment ICANN has made about Ken Stubbs is to point out that he won a legal case against IOD.

In fact that case was adressing CORE's use of ".web" which IOD had trademakrded.

Personally I feel that the court was right to say that trademark law could not be applied - but you cannot critisise IOD for defending its trademark. IOD vs CORE was the test case in uncharted territory and is actually used in this context by ICANN to address other legal disputes regarding .biz.

ICANN has a lot of answering to do. Its past is not imaculate enough to ignore the public outcry for answers. This is one orgaiisation that is better not reying on its reputation.

This artical that I read today spells out many of the public concerns with ICANN.

And what are we to think? ICANN updates its site. It makes comment in response to the public forum and even extends its duration yet does nothing at all to address any of the questions that have been put to it here.

The more I read the more it looks as though ICANN is in the hand of the man named Ken Stubbs, as was the DNSO, as is Afilias, as is CORE as it JVTeam , as is iDomains.

It doesn't matter who you support regarding .web, this is not acceptable.

The simple fact is that now, even if Afilias won .web on its merrits, ICANN has handled everything so badly that no one would believe it.

If Neustar won .web on its merrits we would all believe it was because JVTeam were paying ICANNS legal bills.

If IOD won on its merrits we would all think it was to distract from some other underhand deal Ken Stubbs had pulled (.info to Afilias for example).

And if no one won .web we would all smell a rat and say ICANN was restricting competition to .com and Network Solutions.

The silence ICANN keeps is serving to damage its own reputation, and with it the credibility of these whole proceedings!!!

Well I'm glad I got that off my chest!      


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