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Username: tcleland
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 7:52 PM GMT (Tue, October 31, 2000 at 3:52 PM AST)
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Subject: IOD's "prior occupation"


The topic of this thread seems to be whether IOD was Good or Bad in offering second-level (x.web) domain names for sale before securing the rights to .web.  SayNoToIOD says "bad".  I'm not at all a fan of the chaotic land grabs that have become so much a part of Internet history, but I don't have a problem with IOD's tactics, and here's why.

When selling second-level domain names, IOD was very clear that they did not have the rights yet, and might never have the rights.  Purchasers of SLDs from IOD were, in effect, participating in the gamble that IOD made by investing its $50,000 application fee in a bid for .web.  That certainly makes IOD's registrants interested in IOD gaining the rights to .web, yet on the other hand, I wouldn't be sending my money into random companies claiming that "maybe I'd get something someday for it" unless I was convinced of the seriousness and good organization of their efforts.  To the extent of my knowledge, IOD is among the most prepared applicants for any new TLD.  Their preparation and labor should indeed be rewarded.  Certainly IOD, unlike what I expect from some applicants, isn't intending to just squat on the TLD for vague future use or to prevent others from making use of it.  And they couldn't reasonably have been so prepared unless they were already operational to some extent. 

I hope they secure it.  They've done their homework.

Thom Cleland


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