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Username: Rob
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 3:23 AM GMT
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Subject: The success of new TLDs rests right here...


There was a process just like this one years ago.  It was also open to anyone who wanted to participate.  It was also governed under the same kind of authority - rough consensus among Internet "old-timers".  Chris Ambler was one of the frequent participants of those early meetings.  When he opened dot web no-one expressed any objections.  Certainly no-one ever thought he was trying to "break up the internet".  By registering for a dot web we had every reason to believe that we were participating in a process which was based upon consensus.  We had every reason to expect that our dot web registrations would be included in the root.

Could anyone imagine erasing the dot com database because of some reason or other, such as that Mr. Postel didnít sign this or that paper properly, or that there wasnít the right international authority?  This would be absurd.  There is great value in the classification scheme which has been established there by the efforts of millions of webmasters.  You canít see this value in the dot web space yet, but it is there, and it must not be destroyed!  To do so would threaten the stability of the Internet.

Stability is dependant upon more than just a fail-safe network configuration.  A registry is, after all, only keeping a list and IOD is more than rich enough and talented enough to do the job perfectly.  The stability of the Internet is dependant upon our ongoing ability to trust its government.  The stability of the Internet is also dependant upon its remaining competitive, and for this new TLDs must succeed. 

Nothing can guarantee your success better than the years of planning that people have put into their dot webs.  Let dot web continue to grow, starting from this current community of devoted dot web visionaries, the administrators and hobbyists of the early Internet.  Let dot web be something that represents consensus; give it your blessing and leave it alone.  Otherwise, if you take away our dreams, and put them in the hands of speculators with bulk scripts, youíll turn dot web into a parking lot full of For Sale signs on domains that no one will want to use.  Come on ICANN, give us REAL competition.  Give us our Internet.

Robert G.

Disclaimer - I have two (2) dot web registrations.  I am not trying to get rich, I am merely trying to communicate.


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