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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 4:05 PM GMT
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Subject: Please...LET's stick to the FACTS.....Saying things without giving facts=empty words


I read with interest as to some of the people who didn't buy a dot web domain name from IOD, "when they could have"...Instead they called ICANN to verify whether or not this company could take domain registrations.  This is sound judgement...Frankly I contacted IANA as they still at the time when I registered my dot webs were more or less running the DNS (As they still are...IANA still has a mission with ensuring stability) They basically said it was my "personal decision, however that dot web may never come about....

Here is a link which will show you that IANA is still involved in this process (more than you well as NTIA--gov't agency)and had every right and authority as ICANN to give me a response.

NOTE:  They (IOD) do not say to register domain names...It basically was a personal the way I took it...Now..if you decided not to that is fine...I am sure many folks have read on IOD's FAQ page that registering the dot web domain is a a personal decision as the process could take some time..(and then didn't register).etc. etc ALso that by buying a dot web you are placing your vote with respect to which TLD should get recognition (I Think the answer is clear)Lastly did you know that once you registered your dot web (if you chose to do so) that if you configured your system, you could actually SEE the dot web domain you bought!!!

So if your giving a argument as to why IOD should not get the nod..Then bring facts about...One thing you'll notice us IOD supporters (for the most part) are providing credible evidence to the ICANN board members as to why IOD and DOT WEB should be given the go ahead....Just saying their application "sucks" is at best naive and petty...Like I said in my previous post...Those that miss opportunities always complain...Back in 1980 I wish Bill Gates would have put out a press release that his company was going to own the OS market someday...I probably would have bought shares and so would everyone else...That is not the way it happened and that is not how it should work...Someone has to take a risk...Everyday on the internet it is being done...If everyone got an opportunity at the same time to innovate, take a risk (like buy a dot web), then we would probably sit on our laurels till this innovation came along...Guess what...that is inefficient and does not promote innovation and risk...something the internet sorely needs...Again..I hope I have provided you the ICANN board member some credible evidence as to WHY dot web should be uploaded  and why IOD should get the contract (prior use--risk, innovation, customer service, world class registry system--innovative and very loyal to their cause as we are)...Thank you

Greg Krajewski



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