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Username: md
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 11:07 PM GMT
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Subject: A non .web registrant in support of IOD


        I am not a current .web registrant, but am very concerned about the formation of a huge conglomerate - Affilias - and what that means to fair and open competition. 

I am frustrated with NSI's lack of customer service, and am horrified by their "hoarding" of expired domain names.

I am even more shocked by the obvious conflict of interest with Ken Stubbs.

I am aware of the debate over the past regarding IOD and IANA.

I have read both applications, and find them sound with the exception that the Afilias application appears to offer the same policy that NSI has used to support the hoarding of domain names.

There is nothing good or right in awarding .web to Afilias.  In fact, it seems clear to any one with an open mind that Afilias should not be awarded the .web extension.

ICANN, if you allow Afffilias/Ken Stubbs to get away with this, you will undermine the free and open competition that you are supposed to ensure.  You will also likely spark a revolt.



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