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Username: jeffrey
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 2:30 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANNs silence with IOD must be a nod of approval


I'm sure ICANN members are smart people.  If they have any concerns about IODs qualifications, they would surely start with proactive efforts to calm the inevitable backlash of public criticism and legal suits that would follow an unfavorable decision. IOD deserves their special consideration because of their unique longstanding efforts "to do the right thing". ICANN members surely recognize this. Silence by ICANN can only be perceived as being golden. To award .web to another company without pro-active special consideration given to IOD would tarnish the credibility and respect that the public holds for ICANN. The only confounder would be conflicts of interest among the ICANN members.  Those without conflicts of interest at ICANN had better be very careful in taking the high road here. They have the attention of some very heavy hitters.

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