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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 11:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Sir. . .


Sir, I registered with IOD in a fair process.

I chose to register at risk.

Others did not. That was THEIR choice. To play it safe.

I bet on IOD making it as the .web registry. There is nothing that stipulates that prior registrants can simply be discarded. NSI's registrants prior to THEIR approval were not discarded.

IOD was a part of the whole process for nearly 5 years, working with ICANN. ICANN knew of IOD's registrants and never once questioned us.

Then there is that whole matter of IANA and the authorization for IOD to commence registrations.

Methinks it would be unfair to simply brush away those who had the foresight and to register with IOD. And yes, even the fortune to find IOD on the Internet.

Not everyone knew about IOD. But then again, the average person on the street still has never heard of NSI, and wouldn't know where to register a .com if you handed the mouse to them and said, "Go find."

I don't know a bunch of stuff in this world. That however, doesn't give me the right to take from those who did.

Neither ignorance nor an aversion to risk are justifiable reasons for demanding a breach in contract.

Make no mistake: my registration with IOD is a contract.

Should ICANN adopt IOD (and I think the precedent is there for them to do precisely that), ICANN should be expected to adopt IOD's registrations. They were unrestricted registrations, just like .com. There was no preferential treatment in who was allowed to register.


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