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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 12:55 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
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Subject: TO ALL ICANN BOARD MEMBERS:   Evidence why the DOT WEB domain and IOD get our VOTE!!


  Dear Ladies and Gentleman of the Board,
I thank you for letting me post my comments on this board...IN my comments to you I hope to accomplish 2 things...One...Establish a strong reason to vote for the Dot Web domain name, and Two...Let you come to your own conclusions with respect to Image Online Design and their history and current application....

1) Why Dot web:  It will provide competition in the namespace...If dot biz get's voted com will still have lock in value...Dot biz will create uneccessary problems as some people out there don't have a website that is a biz...Therefore it's value is diminished..DOT WEB on the other hand will compete with dot's generic and has diversity sounds good and highly marketable...Doesn't need a consortium to provide competition with dot will do that all on it's me...As I said before it WILL provide competition with respect to dot com...IT WILL NOT COPY IT BUT WILL GIVE CONSUMERS CHOICE and theirfore drive it's lockin value down...Will dot web have some lock-in occurrences...YES...but only with generic domain names...All New TLD's with respect to some core generic domain names will derive value....However if dot com is not given any competition, then the value of dot coms will only grow...

2)  Why Image Online Design:  This is really up to ultimately will make the decision..I just ask that you take a look at the record (this does matter, as bill manning himself came up with some criteria for selecting new registries and one of them one prior use...:

Prior use, sweat and blood:  Mr Ambler has nothing to do with me posting the following links...IN fact I think he might be a bit embarrassed...But when I registered my own dot webs ( I took the time to fully research this company and this person who created this fine registry...What I found was a company that was interested in developing competition with respect to dot com...a person who did not want to split the name-space, but did want to create a unified system...a person and company who deserve your attention...Granted Mr. Ambler has been vocal as well as us dot webbers, but afterall, we're standing behind ICANN and not AlterNIC...that should say something....Here are the links: (posted my Mr Fleming) (One thing about IOD is their customer service...NetSOl and don't get it) (Cooperation) (Let's work Together--Build a shared registry) (The Start) (Let's Get Going) (the plan--Mr Postel) (From Mr Manning..the process to get started) (again from Mr. Manning) (a response..Where to send the money) (the application) (Bill Manning--Must Get Permission) (the background) (Here is why I went with IOD and Mr. Ambler...I think you will come away from this link feeling...this is how a registrar should act and be)

Lastly, Again I would just like to say:

I know a lot of people have written you, some spam, some personal notes...I apologize for any inconveniece this may have caused you as I sent a personal note, however this issue is with respect to DOT WEB and IOD is very passionate to us 20,000 members of the IOD family..They come from Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Korea, the UK, the US, Guam and South America, Australia...They have as myself signed up with Image Online Design as pioneers...NOT land grabbers as we have been called...What if the Wright Brothers would have been can't develop the technology for flight until everyone understand the process and have got their own piece of the airplane...I think you see my point...A risk is a risk that must be rewarded if the participants are willing to carry their load...IOD has and we have...Please...Vote for Dot Web and IOD as it's register...I belive their application and history speak for itself.

Greg Krajewski
South Dakota, United States



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