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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 1:49 PM GMT
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Subject: YES to IOD


I read in the previous post:

>Given the fact that not only had the existence of a .web registry >never been officially announced, but that ICANN themselves have told >people like myself that there is nobody who has been given >permission to register new TLDs, I feel it would be unfair and quite >hypocritical for ICANN to allow current
>pre-registrations/registrations to stand

Probably you did not consider history of IOD's *registrations*
(not pre-registrations). Please read this in my other post (click below).

Consider someone who in 1996 registered a .web domain at IOD
in *good faith*. It was in *good faith* because it was expected
that IANA would put IOD's .web registry into the A-root server soon,
after having authorized IOD to make such registry.

These people (who registered .web domains) have been waiting for 4 years (please notice that I am NOT one of them, so I do not have an interest in this)(I registered a few domains only at .web a few days
ago because I firmly believe that IOD deserves to be the .web registry and I firmly believe that ICANN will make a fair choice).

Now you propose that after 4 years this domain is given to another
person, that is coming now, in a random rush!
(This may be an advantage even for me, since I may happen
to register "business.web" or another .web domain that is considered
very valuable).

IMHO this is just *unfair*.
IANA *did* authorize IODesign to take real registrations to test
the .web registry by IOD. A long time has passed and now it's the
time to put these .web domains into the A-root servers, rather
than wipe them out!


Fabrizio Coppola


Link: My previous post about IOD's history

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