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Username: timhaynes
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 4:00 AM GMT
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Subject: webs of convenience


                        To say the least, the last 10 years development of the Internet, not to say the last five years, have been nothing less than Interesting. The times that we find ourselves positioned at the moment seems to be somewhat monumental. This is from a non-US perspective.

I tend to see the development of the Internet in a historical sense. This is to say that from its brief history there seems to be a kind of inevitibility about its direction, progress, or development.

Chronological mapping always seems to put perspective into perspective. Just as surely as the "bubble" of e-commerce bursts, the "new" economy evades and escapes the understanding of "old" economic mind-sets.

Stage One: the military, academics, scientists, and "geeks" find a communal medium.

Stage Two: the US awakens

Stage Three: the EU awakens

Stage Four: Asia awakens

and so on...

I'm sure by now you get my drift. Inevitability is a patient force. Stage three has dawned. A stage of exciting development for us here in the non-US new media informational world. A stage which is significant if for no other reason than creativity and potential through possibility.

ICANN is now faced with a challenging position relating to how it should delegate the responsibility of the new gTLD .web registry.

My organization and many others similar to mine have registered faith in IOD's .web registry. This motion is the creative force that drives the Internet into its next revolution. A powerful creative force that exists outside of organizations such as Network Solutions (Afilias) who wish to monopolize and contract the fecund possibilities that the Internet promises for people and organizations such as myself. 

I do not and can not believe that ICANN will ratify a proposal from Network Solutions (Afilias) for the .web registry. I have faith that ICANN will not wish to further the interests of Network Solutions (Afilias) in their desire to monopolize the domain name market.

Furthermore, I stand behind IOD's ability to administer the .web registry and fully support their effort and expertise in the establishment of .web as a timely addition to the already over-subscribed gTLD's.


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