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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 2:22 AM GMT
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Subject: Mr. Ambler. . .


Mr. Ambler,  I 've called IOD's office more than once over the past several months, asking an assortment of questions as relates to the introduction of new TLDs, and the chances for IOD's .web. Additionally, I have emailed you a few times.

Both you and your office were ALWAYS friendly, prompt, courteous and informative. I've seen you receive this compliment here on ICANN's board a number of times, and these posters spoke the absolute truth.

Your response time when I emailed you was profound. You generally replied within minutes of my dispatching a letter. And as I said, you were ALWAYS forth-coming with facts, projections and analyses.

So when I see people accusing you of lying or  being evasive, I know it to be untrue.

. . . Having said that, folks, I maintain that not every shred of IOD information can be open for your dissection.

ICANN: Be an agency for the People as well as an agency devoted to corporate interests.

Bring IOD's .web into the Internet root, and allow .web to become the TLD of the People.

Then grant us protection.

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