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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 9:56 PM GMT
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Subject: In already 280 of the TOP 520 .web names are "preregistered".


       Obviously there seems to be a kind of landrush, there. only exists for a few months and already over half of
the "catchy" .web names were preregistered by people who would like
IODs databank to be cleaned.

I am pretty sure that ICANN did not mean IOD with it warnings to be
careful with self-nominated pre-registrars.

Taking into account that you may pre-register under 20 "new-to-come"
gtlds, I would bed that there were already more registrations with in the last few months than with IODs over the last four
years. accepts "pre-registrations" for:

   . biz   . ebiz   . ecom   . firm   . inc 
   . info   . kids   . law   . news   . nom 
   . pro   . shop   . site   . store   . sex 
   . tel   . travel   . wap   . web   . xxx

And unlike IODs, are NOT prepared to refund you, no
matter what happens. I wonder, if this is not violating the lottery-
act. states the following on their website:

"Our Service in a Nutshell
2) Our operating agreement with the registrars dictates that our
requests take precedence to any other orders and will be filled in
the order they are received."

It would be quite interesting for the participants of this forum as
well as for ICANN themselves to learn, which applicants signed a

I think even the most severe critic of IODs can see where it would
lead us, if they did not get the .web registry:

Forget about liberty and "fresh starts" - doesn't need
4 years, but just 4 minutes to fill up the .web databank again!

>>>ICANN, if you don't want to sell your soul to last-minute-profit-
companies like, Afilias, and others, your decision must
be to give IOD the .web registry and thus keep control of the

There is no serious alternative to IODesigns .web ! Absolutely not.

Thank you.
Friedrich Kisters



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