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Username: y2k
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 9:48 PM GMT
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Subject: .............Why  IOD? Over 20,025 Reasons Why



           Why .WEB ?

  1. All inclusive (unlike .Mall, .Biz, .news, et)
  2. Non controversial (Unlike .Sex, .XXX, .Aids, et)
  3. Most recognized and well known prefix (unlike .nom, .wap,
    .ypi,.svc, et)
  4. Poses as a serious contender to the already depleted
     .com, .net, .org suffixes
  5. .WEB registry has been in continuous operation since
     July 31, 1996
  6. .WEB already holds a strong following and tremendous support all
      over the world, from Internet and non-Internet users
  7. Image Online Design's .WEB application meets all of ICANN's
  8. Over 20,000 registrants have approved of .WEB as their TLD
          Why Image Online Design?

  1. Currently the longest standing prospective registry
  2. Active in its domain debate since its inception 4 years ago
  3. Continuous work to ensure that policies and procedures are
     created fairly
  4. Offers ongoing, effective, DNS Services
  5. Has made significant upgrades to its technical infrastructure
  6. Already uses a progressive and efficient Domain name system &
     Root server system
  7. Has a proven track record of managing a technically adaptable
     highly stable domain name registry
  8. Has adopted ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
  9. Adheres to the Rules of using this policy
  10. Maintains and sustains a completely secure website for private
        transactions and individual collections
  11. Incredible support of  .WEB customers, and users of the
     Internet all over the world 
  12. Supports and adheres to ICANN's overriding goal of opening up
       the domain name system and encouraging competition for domain
       name usage (opposed to Network Solutions, Inc. who controls
       98% of all domain name registrations in the US, two-thirds of
    all domain registrations in the world, and seeks to monopolize
      the domain name market).
  13. Does not undermine ICANN's goal to select a diversity of
      proposals to become TLD's (unlike NSI's Afilias that poses a
      transparent attempt to circumvent this process).
  14. Has become one of the most sophisticated pioneer registries in
       the country
  15. Image Online Design brings stability to the internet, meets the
       diversity of proposal test, and is committed to protecting
       intellectual property rights.
   16. Does not propose a conflict of interest, nor is it
      monopolistic, like Ken Stubbs, NSI, or Afilias.

     Over 20,000 Supporters of Image Online Design 
       And .WEB exist all over the Country, all over
      the World.

           Please join us in supporting

       Image Online Design's .WEB proposal

                     and Thank You !

Dr. Z.C.Wilson
New York, USA

    Obvious Solution the TLD choices:

  Grant Image Online Design (IOD) the rights
  to the .WEB Registry, and if there is a need
  to give Afilias a registry, grant them the rights
  to .info and .site.



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