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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 5:58 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Pardon Me, But I did not Pre-register anything...I REGISTERED my DOT WEB


  The reason I say this is because you can get to a dot web domain...You would have to reconfigure your system to see these dot web domains, but they do EXIST....Now the IOD some fly by night company...Ehh...They have been registering dot webs since 1996...They have been up front that until they are uploaded then for the rest of the world to see your domain, you would need to reconfigure your system...Obviously most of us who have registered a dot web figured that since we could not get the dot com we wanted, that we would risk a little and "Vote" for the dot web to get uploaded.  Yes some will be in ahh that someone registered a good domain that they "wanted"...what will be different if it were a fresh slate....This isn't a utopian society...On the internet, companies are creating and risking much...They are patenting their wares and hoping that it sells...I too have done this only I would like to start some dot web companies...I will not wait for day they would be gone...I researched this company IOD and the dot web domain, and came to a is the only alternative to a dot com...and with that I bought my companies' name...www.killer.web...if you reconfigure your browser...may be able to see it....By the way...for those board members who say, why should we upload a domain (.web) that has customers already....The answer for that is the same as the dot com domain...NSI too had customers when they uploaded dot com to the rootserver...back then...people really didn't care if it was dot com or dot net...Marketing was the key for dot com...Companies like because famous worldwide...It is the same thing I want to do for Killer.web (web creations firm)...And again...You do not need a consortium to brand this is the companies that will be created from these domains that will brand it worldwide (already is to a certain extent) ....Just to let you know I have trademarked the domain as I am using it and my other dot webs for my company.....
Some words of wisdom:  When people see something valuable that another has, they will try to grasp for's human's what makes us competitive by obviously sees something IOD has done...Neustar as well...They have seen a company build a brand to what it is now....As far as it's registrants...other's have seen domain names they would like, now that dot web is in vogue...They too want something...I set out long before you as well as IOD has before me, staked their claim...If the old ways prevail, First Come First Served, then we will see some bickering but will keep a system that relies on heavily on this as it rewards innovators and thinkers...If the new system prevails...What I want is what they have...they we shall see a destabilization and a lack of entreprenuership...why take risks if the Killer Whale is going to eat you...or why buy a domain (that has legitimatcy with respect to IOD's first user status and claim) if it is going to be a footrace on day one....I hope I am making sense if their is an ounce left...Thank you.

Greg Krajewski



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