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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 3:11 AM GMT
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Subject: Did you compare?



First of all, .com stands for commercional.
.web would stand for the miscellaneous web-users, whether they do
business or private things.
A lot of people will identify with .web.

You say "the problem with .web is that it is another .com, a free-for-
all. People will rush to register names with .web the same as they do
with .com."

Well, is it a crime to register .xyz names? Then it would have been a
crime to sell them. Talk to NSI about this, please.

Did you realize, that without the unexpected "dot com effect" the
internet might still be less active and attractive than it is now?

If you build a road and many people use it, you have done a good job.
Would it be a good argument, to say: don't build any such road
anymore, because it might be used by a lot of people, again!- build a
bad road instead ..."
Do you really think it makes sense to build roads, which hardly
anyone uses? Then you'd better never build any.

The roads are similar to the gtlds in the internet and if you want to
introduce new roads you should choose places where people want them,
not just where you want them.

Trademark violations are a weak argument, too. Those who often use it
often abuse it for their own advantage. They sometimes are even ready
to violate personal-names-rights and other democratic rights, as the
guarantee of one's own property: Why do they take away other people's
addresses, even though addresses as such cannot violate trademarks?

In reality, they simply don't care about trademark laws, but they
care about their successful way of making profits.

I am still waiting for someone to tell me where it is written that
addresses can violate trademarks. Nowhere - they simply can't!

If addresses are used for violaions of trademarks, their owners must
be sued. But even if their activities violated trademark laws, they
won't loose the respective address. They will simply be restricted to
the legal use of their addresses.

So, let the people have their roads in the internet, please ... also
the good ones, not just the bad ones!
Thank you!

Friedrich Kisters


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