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Username: Abaddon
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 6:00 PM GMT
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Subject: I'm Interested.


      I'm interested in finding a simple set of criteria that can be, more or less, objectively determined so that it is clear to the Internet community that ICANN has chosen based on its own standards rather than the special interests of large corporations OR individual .web registrants.

      The facts here should be relatively easy to determine, that is why there is an application process with a very detailed set of questions. However, what hasn't been presented is ANY formula that ICANN will use to actually make the decision.

      Without such a criteria, all the applications in the world are little more than stacks of paper to weigh down a desk. How important is the length of time a registrar has been accepting registrations? Give it a weight value between 1 and 100. How important are all the questions on the application?

      It should be made clear exactly what the criteria for judgement is, how important each piece is, so that independent reviewers can look at all the information and say "Based upon criteria we have reached some form of consensus on, this applicant has the best numerical score when adding up the weights of all the line items on the application."

      Instead, seemingly, we have a process open to a high degree of subjective interpretation based on what members FEEL will run the registry in the RIGHT way. Unfortunately, most decisions made in this way tend to be dubious at best in the long run.

My question/suggestion for ICANN is simple: Gives us a real metric for your decision so that all parties involved can understand how it was made, and have some hope of buying into the final judgement.


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