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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 4:08 PM GMT
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Subject: You are indirectly supporting IOD, Mr. Pinhurst


       Mr. Pinhurst

1. If you read the texts to the existing trademark law, you will
notice that an address can not violate a trademark. The action taken
in/under the respective address can, but not the address as such.
Therefore not necessarily 5000+ lawsuits will be started after the
accreditation of IODs .web.

2. You expect 10'000'000 registrations of .web addresses, but care
about 20'000 already taken names? Is this logical? I wonder why you
are so much interested in those 20'000 names, which are already

3. Since when are you personally and regularily using the internet?
It was not difficult to come across IODs .web. If you knew about
IANA or later ICANN, the relevant information has been discussed
there over and over for years.

If you did not know IANA or ICANN, you'd better not complain, but
inform yourself better next time.

4. You warn that IOD will be sold to NSI or any other big company,
soon. You say that we "can bet that this will, again, give Internet
control to some big US based company, jeopardizing the stability and
democracy of the Internet."
Shortly after that, you mention, that Afilias should get .web.

Afilias IS a "big US based company" and NSI participates in it!
It is not likely that democracy will be increased through Afilias.

Afilias – IS NOT an "open consortium with limited ownership" nor is
it "open to any ICANN registrar to enter into", but belongs to 19 of
the biggest companies you can think of: They will fix the rules and
decide who may participate and who may not. Afilias is the child of their marriage:
Their superbaby - a "supercompany".

Talking about money: If I understand you correctly, you prefer
Afilias to make the money and not Mr. Ambler. I wonder why?

I hope you realize that you heavily contradict yourself and in fact
forward major arguments IN FAVOUR OF IODs.

Thank you!

Friedrich Kisters


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