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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 11:23 PM GMT
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Subject: Why pointless?



Liberty is always something that some consider to be pointless.
I don't.

You say .auto makes more sense than .web. But what could .auto stand
for? The same as .car, or .voiture, or .coche, or ...? It is
impossible to build "yellow pages" through the gtlds, simply because
you are not limited to one country and one language.

Therefore .web makes sense.

The availability of names within .com is short, not the availability
of names within
The internet does not need other "" gtlds, but at least
one, which resembles .com - the demand there is highest.

You tell me: "You appear to be thinking about this from the point of
view of the person who owns the domain. Think instead about the
person using the web browser. How can the domain system help them?".

I may reply to this, that I am certainly NOT using the web-browser to
search for a particular web site. You may want to try out search
engines like, or for
that purpose. I AM thinking from the point of view of a person using
the web browser the right way, not the wrong one.

You say: "The effect of the limited domain range has been to create
an artificial market in "cybersquatted" domain names. .WEB does
nothing to solve this.

If you add new gtlds of whatever kind, they will remove the current
domain-name shortage automatically. I don't see your point at all.

"The domain names are just names. They are nothing like roads."
Well, this picture may have requested too much fantasy.

I did not say that domain names are roads, but that both are used for
similar reasons: If you cleverly build a new road, a lot of people
will like and use it, if you don't, it will remain abandoned.
We do not want to "build" new gtlds to see them abandoned afterwards,
do we?
.web would be as attractive as the Pacific Ocean Highway. Therefore
it is an excellent joice.

Friedrich Kisters



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