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Username: anthony
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 2:13 PM GMT
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Subject: Come on! Lets have a decent argument!


Can anyone say the reason why Afilias should be awarded .web (which will remove the IOD competition) and not .info (which will not remove the IOD competition)?

So far most of the discussion has been about how poor the NSI customer service is or how its unfair that IOD have prior use of .web (actually a criterion for being awarded a TLD back in 1996).

If Afilias only wanted .web they wouldn't have hedged their bets by applying for three TLDs.

Their reasearch has shown .site, .info and (partly thanks to 20,000 of us that have voted with cash)  .web to be popular choices.

So come on Afilias supporters...

Why does Afilias covert .web so. All of the support so far for .web is true of .info (strong financial backing, competitive pricing structure etc.).

If Afilias ran .info, it make no difference to them if the .web registry has a 20,000 head start (IOD) or not (Neustar)- its less than a few hours work on day one.

If there is an argument that binds Afilias to .web and not to .info lets here it.



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