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Username: first1
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 1:36 PM GMT
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Subject: Support IOD


My name is Steve Arnold, I live in Vallejo CA., USA. I am a building Inspector for the county. I have registered HomeInspection.web, Inspection.web, Inspector.web for a business plan I've been working on. These domains will all point to the same web site offering home inspection services and products. I have several .com, .net, .org domains that come close to fitting the business plan, but to be honest, nothing works as well as the .web names.

I realize that I have taken a risk, but $105.00 for the three .web's does not even meet the $119.00 my first Network Solutions name cost me (I felt like I was raped) I found out they really charge $6.00 to the Icann registrars, It made me sick.

Have you noticed the comments about Afilias only charging $5.75 per name? They are complaining that IOD's .web will be $35.00 for everyone. I don't mind at all. Ken Stubbs has an afiliation with "iDomains" and "DomainBank" both charge $35.00 with a minimum two year commitment. That makes IODs plan better, they offer a one year registration. Two other Afilias members NSI and REGISTER both charge $35.00 so anyone who thinks they will get a .web domain for $5.75 (other than the Afilias Cartel) are not seeing the forest through the trees!

IOD has a strong application and should be selected for .web.

To be honest, Afilias has too many conflicts of interest on the table:         
1) KEN STUBBS (there's enough here without going further)

2) NSI (They control 98% of the existing gTLDs)

3) Register (I think they are a better company than NSI but they just purchased "" a domain auction site)

ICANN, I thank you for the chance to voice my opinion. I apologize If I made any rude comments in any of my "first1" postings. I did get emotional the first day and I will be composing my thought's for posting just before the close of the public comments board.

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