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Username: BrianC
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 7:04 AM GMT
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Subject: My .web comments for ICANN


I am impressed with the .web application and feel that IOD's application should be looked at closely and in good faith by ICANN. I truly hope that any conflicts of interest that do exist with other applicants will not affect the outcome of the process.

The only thing that does trouble me about the IOD application is the current pre-registrations/registration situation. I came across the IOD website at about 5 months ago and was interested in registering a domain there. Because I had never heard of .web being a real domain extension, I called the ICANN offices and was told that the .web TLD had not been approved and that nobody had been given permission to register .web (or any other) new domains. Based on the information and advice given to me by ICANN, I did not register any domains with IOD. Given the fact that not only had the existence of a .web registry never been officially announced, but that ICANN themselves have told people like myself that there is nobody who has been given permission to register new TLDs, I feel it would be unfair and quite hypocritical for ICANN to allow current pre-registrations/registrations to stand. I'm sure this will invoke a response from some of the other posters, but this is just my two cents worth.

Thanks for reading and good luck in your decisions.


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