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Username: USC
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 4:57 AM GMT (Fri, October 13, 2000 at 8:57 PM PST)
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Subject: EOI #22...I'm throwing my support to the IOD's .web registry


Greetings.  As a graduate (professional) student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the so-called birthplace of ICANN, I thought I'd add my thoughts on the addition of new top level domains.  I am writing this letter to state my support for Image Online Design's .web application and to provide reasons for this support.

A few months ago, when ICANN welcomed suggestions for new top level
domains, I submitted EOI statement #22,  At that time, I intended to
sponsor the .web and .biz top level domains.  Now, I have decided to
support the .web registry by Image Online Design.  As I look over the
applications by both Image Online Design and Afilias for the .web TLD, I am overwhelmingly impressed by IOD's application.

They have been developing the .web TLD since 1995.  That in itself is
worthy of praise.  They had the foresight to come up with a TLD that is catchy, and at the same time, one that can become just as popular as the .com.  This is the World Wide Web, so it makes sense to have a TLD end in .web.  What does .com really stand for?  Commercial?  Commerce?  Company?  From its inherent meaning, .com implies business.  And we all know that .coms exist in the non-business sector.  Therefore, .web is all-encompassing.  It makes perfect sense to include it with .com and .net.

First, I'd like to tell you why I think Afilias would make a poor choice for the .web registry.  As they are vying for 3 different TLDs and IOD is applying for only 1, there is plenty of justification for IOD to be rewarded with its TLD and Afilias with .info and .site.  In addition, the mere fact that the big players in the domain world are involved in Afilias would discourage competition.  I have been upset with Network Solutions and Register for a long time now as they have monopolized the entire industry.  It's time to allow smaller, yet technically sound, registries to come into existence, namely Image Online Design.

Second, I would like to tell you why I think IOD is worthy of
selection.  They had the insight 5 years ago to develop and build this
registry.  They know how to run the registry and have approximately 20,000 registrations all successfully in place.  Consequently, they have proven their ability to exist as a mature and efficient registry.  Their staff is quite courteous as I have dealt with them on numerous occasions.  Peggy Pierce, secretary of IOD, is one of the nicest and most sincere persons I have spoken to.  I have always been impressed with IOD as a personable company.

In conclusion, I would like to once again, EMPHATICALLY state my support for IOD's .web application.  Their registry will allow little people like myself the chance to gain an entity on the web unique from the commonplace .com.  In my opinion, IOD is ready to take the internet into the future, and I am hopeful that you think so too.  Thanks for your time.


A Prasad         


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