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Username: huguesdb
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 1:18 AM GMT
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Subject: Yes if there are many generics....



You are right... my opinion breaks down if there are MANY generics. My understanding of the ICANN intent is to have a FEW new TLDs.

In any case, my 'recommendation' (sounds lofty!!!) was to put the generics on hold till a better solution comes up. Maybe it is to have MANY generics...I do not know.

I feel a few new generics WILL hurt - the users - by 'forcing' or shall we say 'strongly prompting' current .com holders to go for the new generics.

Let me get you back for implying I may be biased (I helped on some parts of the .post proposal): who has ibm.web, apple.web and amazon.web and what on earth are they going to do with it? Got my point?

It is not easy to provide proof that I am not biased...maybe I am. Having worked on an application, I obtained quite a bit of understanding on the process, the ICANN will and criteria, I look at this forum and try to analyse the situation from my personal perspective.

However, if you suggest that I have a negative opinion on generics simply because I am defending a restricted application, you would disappoint me .... your comments have so far seemed quite rational and remarkably free of this sort of innuendo. Can you clarify?

I am against generics because I think, for now, they are not of much added value to users of the internet at large and will certainly add confusion. I much prefer some of the restricted ones because they seem to have sound business ideas, clear added value and mostly benefit a large population of internet users. However, if you see a distinct bias in my statements, feel free to comment on specifics.

Best regards,
Hugues Du Bois



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