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Username: Merlin
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 8:30 AM GMT
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Subject: Ken Stubbs,to close for comfort!


      I see we had someone bringing up the past in a lame attempt to damage IOD. I would like to thank them for showing the world that IOD is the pioneer of .web

Since the past was brought up you might find this e-mail a bit interesting and I think what it shows is how Mr. Stubbs is so entangled in the affairs of things and has been for some time. If you look at the names involved you should recognize them. Mr. Stubbs you need to step down and not bring any question of impropriety to the board members of ICANN. If not they should kick you out as to show the world that you won't be allowed to tarnish their reputations.

suggestions Re: Implementation of a New IANA Organization


Subject: suggestions Re: Implementation of a New IANA Organization
From: Ken Stubbs
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:35:43 -0400


>Suggestions on how to create an effective transition mechanism from the
>Initial Board to the Permanent Board are solicited.

the initial board  should be phased out over an 18 month period beginning
july 1, 1999 with 1/3 of the initial board being replaced every 6 months

>suggestions as to who might be appropriate to serve on such an Initial
>Board should be made as soon as possible.

i am proposing for your consideration the following members of the initial

1. vint cerf
2. david j. farber - university of pennsylvania
3. don heath - pres isoc
4. izumi aizu - secy general AIPA
5. amadeu abril abril - legal and policy advisor nomanalia PLC -barcelona

>Suggestions on how these staggered terms should be apportioned for the
>first Permanent Board are solicited.

the terms of the initial permanent board shall be extended for convenience
purposes to allow for a method of future replacement of permanent board
members on an annual basis with 1/3 of the permanent board being replaced
every year beginning july 1, 2001. (all members of the initial board should
server at least 2 years to insure continuity in the critical start-up period)

i believe that the most critical decisions are going to be made within the
first 24 months of the initial start-up of the new IANA. it is imperative
that a consistency and continuity be maintained in that period so that the
needless distractions that come from political posturing and the related
pressures on board members be minimized. the board needs to be free to
concentrated on the tasks at hand without these additional distractions.

respectfully  yours

ken stubbs




Link: Mr. Stubbs e-mail

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