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Username: DannyD
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 9:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Why IOD should be given the right to handle .WEB


        I said this in the Offtopic and I repeat myself here.
Yes, the fact that IOD had been given approval previously should be taken into consideration.

I believe IOD had been given permission to run a TLD registry by previous ICANN body i.e. IANA officials, no one on his right mind would put up a fraud so openly to the world ready for public challenge, and in fact it was never challenged, and the fact now stands in court.

I would think it is mandatory that the current ICANN body shall honor what was promised by the former body, this is a practice by any ministry, authority, law drafter and alike of a stable government, new rule or practice if any will start with a cut off date or after a grace period.

In the Far East, many a business was conducted over a phone call, no need for contracts, what was promised was promised. Once deceived, words spread out and all creditability is lost. "A word is worth more than gold" is the saying and the "face and integrity" is more important than whatever money can buy.

In UK, common law protects consumers from misrepresentation, that a representative of a company, may it be a salesman or else, promised something, even only verbally, the company he represents has to comply. That is quite civilized.

Court case shown that if a woman lives with a man for a long period of time, she is entitled to half of his wealth, even not registered in any marriage registry. In another words, she is equal status as his wife.

If parents (or step parents?) do not object to the daughter openly going out with a man, it is understood that they approved the case.

I am no law person, but I think that is common sense and fair enough.

The preliminary requirement on applicants for gTLD name registry is to prove they have the technical capability to run this registry, I think IOD has proven track record in this respect, I consider their site is technically efficient and highly stable as a domain registry, they also complies with the uniform dispute policy and trademarks protection issues.

ICANN should approve the application of IOD for dot WEB rather than for Afilias, after all, to reduce the dominant control of a single registry is one of their objectives?

Qoute of the week:
" ...and that is very important, that Transparency in what we do is very important as well... "

Sir David Edmonds, director general, Oftel, talking about regulatory body in UK in an interview.

May this be a motto to ICANN.



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