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Username: Webster
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 8:02 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Do You Know How to Read?


Did you even "READ" their Application........I think not.

Its written in single
entity can own more than 11%.  

NSI is not represented on the board of directors
and has no control.

NSI has less than 5.25% in Afilias equal to each entity....

Afilias will provide qualified ICANN-accredited registrars the opportunity to take an equity positions in Afilias.

Sounds open to me, and Reduces everyones ownership further.

Now IOD's monopoly doesn't offer that....Look

John S. Frangie    52.4%
Christopher Ambler 37% ownership
Peggy Pierce        5% ownership
Tracey Thomas       5% ownership

Now competition?  Clearly..NOT..FROM..IODESIGN
It's a Pure monopoly gouging the public.

Lower Prices  Look......

Afilias will charge US$5.75 for each domain name registration per year

IOD's Rates
$15 per name, per year at the registry,
$20 per name, per year at theregistrar,
$35 per name, per year total

Going backwards......I say



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