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Username: gpine
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 8:14 AM GMT
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Subject: US Centric TLD - again!


So... there is already 20000+ .web registrations with IOD, a registry which is self proclaimed and has never botherered to look into the Intellectual Property community at all. Just go to and look up any famous trademark or company name and youll find that theyre owned by some individual. If ICANN choose to go with IODs application there will immediately be a tremendous number of processes.

IODs self proclaimed registry have only been known and recognized by a small number of experienced Internet users but to the public almost anonymous. Registration has been going on for a number of years to this narrow group.

I truly hope that ICANN realize that this kind of business is very unfair and  that theres a high risk that IOD will immediately go out of business not being able to handle the 10,000,000+ registrations and maybe 5,000+ law suites that will arise from their current database.

What could save IOD then? Well, the only thing that could save IOD is money A LOT OF MONEY. Where will they find this money? Easy by selling out all or parts of the business. Who will benefit from that? The answer is that there will be two winners:

1. Christopher Ambler will become a VERY rich man selling his company
2. The company taking control of IOD. And that will be a LARGE company.

Let me guess who that potential buyer will be? Hmm who has the resources...? Well that could only be Microsoft, IBM, AOL, Network Solutions, or similar. You can bet that this will, again, give Internet control to some big US based company, jeopardizing the stability and democracy of the Internet.

No! Please ICANN, if you decide to go with .web, you must go with Afilias the open consortium with limited ownership and open to any ICANN registrar to enter into.




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