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Username: julie
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 8:16 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Wake Up WiredZ


   WiredZ, First of all I am Not a Sir...Secondly Your assertion that TLDs are Public Trust is as much a theory as Economics is. When theories meet reality, the results are much different than expected or intended. As for nobody owning a TLD...What do you call Idealab and The Dot TV Corporations reign over Tuvula's ccTLD .TV? Whether or not you use the term Owner, the key issue is who is going to have the right to Cherry Pick the Best and most Valuable Domain Names from what will be a Virgin TLD. My $2,500,000.00 offer was meant to bring attention to the fact that all of the $50,000.00 application fees put together do not even come close to the potential value of "owning" one of the new TLDs. With extremely marginal .COM names selling for $1,000.00 it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the opportunity to skim the best names off the top will result in a multi million dollar windfall for the new "owner". Do you think that NSI's holding of expired domains, or Dot TV's hoarding of the best names is in the public's interes or "TRUST". The stakes are so high that 47 companies figured a $50,000.00 gamble was well worth it. I wish you were right and In this case theory was reality.. but this whole excercise wreaks of personal interest, backroom posturing and basically makes no sense at all.

As for .WEB... Afilias will not be awarded .WEB. In fact I do not believe that .WEB will even be one of the New TLDs selected during this round. There is just too much controversy surrounding it for anything positive to come out of it's selection at this time. I have not studied the situation in detail, but I see no reason why .WEB should not remain under the guidance of IOD. The problem facing IOD at this time is that it is too experienced or mature due to the built in registrations it brings to the table. Thus it does not provide Icann with it's stated objective of using this selection round to learn about the initial impact of launching a new TLD. 


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