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Username: zzmars
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 4:06 PM GMT
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Subject: Pre-Registration, even in .WEB, is premature


The Names Council for ICANN has already discouraged the practice of pre-registering names.  It would seem that this policy also applies to IODesign, Inc.  Please carefully read the following statement at the URL:

"...the Names Council of the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) emphasizes that no new TLDS have been selected as of this date and NO ONE is authorized to pre-register names."

While I agree, undisputedly, that IODesign, Inc. has made significant strides toward the development of the .WEB registry and should ultimately control it, the practice of pre-registration in an inactive (previously unbeknownst to most) gTLD name system is not a fair business practice.  It has also been my observation that a good portion of the memorable, one-word names pre-registered within the .WEB registry are monopolized by a SMALL HANDFUL of people.  This is not representative of fair competition, and the process has not formally incorporated global involvement.

Therefore, my suggestion is to refresh (delete all registered names in) the .WEB registry at the time it becomes active (if such a time arises), and issue credits (not a refund) to everyone who has pre-registered names in the .WEB gTLD.  Such credit would then allow individuals who had previously pre-registered names, to re-register entirely new names without having to fork over new funds, once the gTLD becomes active and FORMALLY announced.  This allows everyone an equal chance to register names in the new .WEB name system.


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