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Username: jtrade
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 6:29 AM GMT
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Subject: Neustar Attempting to BRIBE ICANN for .WEB?


      Just when you think you heard or seen it all comes another WOLF in sheeps clothing but only worse. I cannot believe the audacity of this organization. To find Neustar they are going by .DOT so you will be able to find their hidden application or click this link.;39DFA33300000022

From the Neustar application:
I.2     TLD String (RFP Section E2)
JVTeam proposes to establish .web as an unsponsored, unrestricted domain space to compete with .com on the Internet.

JVTeam proposes to offer registry services for the .web TLD as an unsponsored, unrestricted (i.e., generic open) TLD.  JVTeams market research indicates that .web represents the best and most competitive alternative to .com.  Because one of ICANNs primary goals with this proof of concept set of new TLDs will be to create a viable competitive alternative to .com, .web becomes a logical choice for a new unrestricted TLD.  .web will be a highly marketable and memorable domain and therefore will provide an excellent proof of concept for new unrestricted TLDs.

JVTeam recognizes that ICANN may be concerned with regard to the possible legal challenges to a .web registry based upon alleged trademark and other purported rights of certain applicants and non-applicant third parties.  Such challenges are without merit and should not sway ICANN in its decision-making process.  Nonetheless, JVTeam is prepared to meet with ICANN and discuss any legal issue relating to a .web registry.  If necessary, JVTeam will indemnify ICANN for legal expenses incurred by ICANN resulting from any legal challenges brought regarding a grant of the .web registry to JVTeam.

In the event, however, that ICANN determines that it will not grant a .web registry due to potential legal challenge, JVTeam proposes the following alternative unsponsored, unrestricted TLDs, in order of preference:






This is unethical sir, you better rethink what your doing. You will pay ICANN's legal bills if they give you .Web!
BRIBERY is against the law in case you haven't

This company already runs .au which is a cctld that runs like a gtld and furthermore they were an ICANN testbed registrar, that means  they are not only a registrar, but they got preferential treatment already!!!!! Should a company that has all of this be able to waltz right in and push out the longest standing pioneer? I think not


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