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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 10:32 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN: we know you are listening and we are confident in your fairness


ICANN, you know that the perfect choice is:
.web  to IODesign ;
.info to Afilias ;
.site to Neustar ;

This is:
1) fair for IODesign;
2) it solves the problem to choose from different applications;
3) it increases competition on these main generic TLDs,
   that are the most popular ones according to surveys.
4) it allows the Internet to have .web very SOON
   (IOD's .web registry is READY: only a short black-out period
   for protecting trademarks is needed)

IODesign focused on one TLD only (.web)
and has mantained a .web registry for 4 years,
since IANA started to consider to add new TLDs.

Everybody knows that IODesign is the fair and right choice for .web .
Even Afilias and Neustar know this: actually on their applications
they included alternative strings also.

About IOD's .web registrations taken since 1996:
DNSO warning against "pre-registrations" should not affect
IOD's registrations: actually IODesign's HISTORY
is UNIQUE, SPECIAL and DIFFERENT from other applicants!

In 1996 IANA gave authorized IOD to take .web registrations
and to collect fees for this.
You may argue that ICANN's process for creating new TLDs
is different from early IANA's attempts.
However, this can't cancel IOD's history and merits in this
field! This is a particular situation that should awarded
rather than penalized!
To be an *authorized* pioneer can't be considered a fault!

IODesign acted in good faith since 1996.
Their .web registrations were necessary to test the functionality
of the .web registry and allowed IODesign to collect money to run
and maintain it and eventually to file the application to
ICANN for .web (this is clearly stated on :
fees are non refundable and needed to support and mantain the registry).
I think that IODesign and .web registrants are a single entity:
IODesign would not have survived without support by so
many registrants. The registrations taken so far are real contracts
and can't be wiped out. Remember that Network Solutions accepted
.com pre-registrations in 1993 and then they become real domains.
Would it make sense to ask for their cancellation at this time?!

After 4 years of patience and hard work focused on .web,
IODesign should be rewarded by ICANN,
as well as it was rewarded by so many Internet users
in the world, that consider .web as a product by IOD.
Actually IOD's registry is the NATURAL
EXPRESSION of the Internet users' WILL.

Please notice that it is not true that
"People support IOD because they registered .web domains
and they want to get them".
This must be reversed:
"People saw that IOD was the natural choice for .web
so they registered .web domains in good faith".

IOD's .web registry is *ready* and it can
be put into the A-root server very SOON, after a short blackout period
for protecting trademarks (you can read this on IODesign's application).
No Sunrise Period is really needed.

ICANN, you know that this is the perfect choice!
Thanks for listening.

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Fabrizio Coppola


Link: ICANN: listen to this suggestion and be appreciated all over the world

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