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Username: ALLDNS
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 1:39 PM GMT
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Subject: CORE Business Practices


Thank you for your reply and comment.

In short, ALLDNS participated with a US CORE Member as a reseller for the CORE Member.  ALLDNS consumers registered hundreds of domains with CORE through the CORE Member.  Because of ALLDNS success, the CORE Member decided to break the written agreement with ALLDNS. As part of the CORE Member's plan and design to break the Agreement, the CORE Member refused to process modification request related to the ALLDNS consumer domain names.

Despite numerous ALLDNS requests to CORE and to Ken Stubbs regarding the subject matter, CORE failed and refused to act in demanding that the CORE Member honor the ALLDNS consumer domain name modification requests.

The ALLDNS consumer domain names were finally held by CORE, not the CORE Member.  ALLDNS subsequent learned that its legal recourse was against CORE in Switzerland.

The problem here is that US consumers should have certain protections from the described situation where a foreign company has organized itself within the US and has setup a sophisticated US commerce network where US consumers have no real legal recourse, or protections, in the US.

ALLDNS found that CORE and its US CORE Member took advantage of the 
sophisticated CORE architecture in Switzerland.

ALLDNS was primarily raising questions related to ICANN, a US organization postured to regulate the licensing of domain names, that ICANN may also have the obligation and duty to protect US consumers from foreign companies that setup sophisticated US
commerce networks where US consumers have no real legal recourse, or protections, in the US.

Derek A. Conant
General Manager of ALLDNS


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