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Username: Eliahu
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 10:07 PM GMT
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Subject: Let's Talk About NeuStar


      To my friends,

      Upon entering, I at first had the funny feeling that I had entered  Don't draw anything from this, I'm sure it's just me.

      You will notice that out of all the registrar requests, only IOD, Afilias, & NeuStar have requested .Web.

      You will then notice that the other two requests by Afilias, are also requests by NeuStar - .Info & .Site.

      I find this to be very strange.

      NeuStar has also requested three names that don't stand a chance in h... of being selected - .dot, .surf, & .spot.

      Did they do this to make themselves look different from Afilias?  Is Neustar ICANN's fallback position, if they realize they musn't give .Web to Afilias?

      Why wouldn't Neustar have made their other three picks contenders, like .tel, .shop, .pro, .kids, or even .banc?

      And I have another question.  IOD and Afilias know how to run a TLD registry.  They have a track record.  What experience at running a TLD does NeuStar have?

      You know by now that I smell a lot of rats in this process and items revolving around this process. 

      The fact that Neustar's application is identical to the one Afilias has submitted (name-wise), plus three pieces of clutter to make them look different, also concerns me greatly.

      Does anybody out there have anything to say about this?

      Regards, Eliahu

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