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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 1:31 PM GMT
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Subject: It is fair that ICANN accepts .web registry by IODesign


        I already posted this message under the IODesign/.web thread.
However, I think it is better to post it here also,
to strenghten the reasons exposed in the previous post.


IMHO it is fair that ICANN accepts .web registry
by IODesign ( for the reasons I am explaining below.

1) In 1996 IANA (precursor of ICANN) authorized IODesign to start
taking registrations for .web domains, so that IODesign could test
the functionality of its .web registry, while expecting it
to be put into the A-root server soon (please notice:
these were real *registrations* allowed by IANA, rather than

2) In late 1996 IANA abandoned this project and started a committee
called IAHC, that made new proposals about new TLDs. However,
IAHC was stopped by the US Government.
In the meantime, IODesign continued to run the .web registry in
*good faith* and many people continued to register .web domains
in this registry.

3) Now new TLDs are going to be created and it is *fair*
that ICANN accepts the application by IODesign for the .web TLD
registry, that is perfectly functioning: .web domains already work
with "alternative root servers" (this means that they can be reached
with proper DNS settings, see

4) About the other 2 applicants for .web: they proposed other
TLDs also (.info, .site. .surf etc.), so they can get these
ones instead of .web .
Further on, the .web registry by IODesign may become a
shared registry such as .com registry by NSI
(shared registry using the SRS with a cap of $6 per domain).
There are no reasons for ICANN to assign .web to other applicants
rather than to IODesign.

5) Of course all the .web registrations taken by IODesign so far
(around 18,000) are valid, since they were made in *good faith*
and were necessary to test the functionality of the .web registry,
as it was requested by IANA.

6) Someone said that it would be better that
.web registrations are started again and that
IODesign's registry is wiped out to avoid speculation made
by early registrants! I really do not understand this.
First of all, this is not speculation: they were real registrations
made in *good faith*.
Anyway, starting new registrations cannot avoid speculation either!
(*New* registrants may register thousands of domains on the first day
when a new .web registry is created).
I think that it is obvious and fair to assign the .web domains
to the ones who registered them at IODesing since 1996.

For historical details please read:;39696A9A000004BE


Fabrizio Coppola



Link: Historical details (as reported by IODesign itself)

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