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Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 4:44 PM GMT
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Subject: New Argument For Opposing Afilias Plan!!!


Think BankAmerica will be satisfied with just having Loans.Com after paying $3.0 million for it.  No way!  During the Sunrise Period, BankAmerica will aggressively purse Loan.Web, Loans.Web, eLoan.Web, eLoans.Web, iLoan.Web, iLoans.Web, and any other combination it can get its sticky hands on.  And, they won't stop their.  They'll go for any other new domain name extension they can rob from the citizens of this world.  This of course doesn't even include all the zillions of domain names they currently own that have been permanently retired and taken out of the system.  Other multinationals being invited to the big corporate charity ball at camp Afilias will also do the same thing.  Corporate greed is a fact of life.  Net effect?  Many names will get sucked into a black hole and go unused for fear that they could be used against them.  This is a contraction on the internet in relative terms, not an expansion.  ICAAN and Afilias have no intention of adhering to the spirit of the procees.  Just look at the cloak and dagger politics with Ken baby.  Reject the Afilias proposal.  It flat out reeks of self-interest and cronyism.      



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