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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 8:25 AM GMT
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Subject: My second letter to Senator Boxer.


                               Mr. Smith

First of all, if you had read my postings here, you should have
realized that I am from Switzerland, not Germany.

Secondly, if you read my e-mail to Senator Boxer correctly, you
should have realized that I tell her, I am from Switzerland and not
from California. I hope it is no crime to adress politicians in other
countries regarding issues which are of main concern there. And yes,
I like California.

Thirdly, my interests are straight forward:
I feel that many things are currently going wrong in the internet and
I want to contribute in putting them right again.

If you think, I would only profit from IODs .web, you are wrong,
because on the economical front, I have been registering with CORE,
too: During the first month when it became possible. And through our
international trademarks, I will always be one of the first again,
when it comes to registering new gtlds.

This should give you enough evidence, that I do not have any
exclusive interests in IODs becoming the .web register/ry. I am simply
convinced that they are the rightful .web people and thus oppose the
strong and merely financial interests from CORE and recently Afilias.

Let me tell you that during registering with the many registrars like
CORE registrars, IOD, etc. I learned about their respective business
practice in depth AND started to criticise COREs activities. This
happend already years ago.

I wonder, if you are open-minded enough to read this and I also
wonder, why you keep shouting around that IODs actions were illegal,
even though they brought up evidence that the opposite is the case.

It is a pity you did not answer to a single point within my e-mail to
Senator Boxer, nor did you forward any information proving mine to be

It seems to me that you should do so. Senator Boxer, to whom I will
forward both: your answer as well as my reply will be able to decide
by herself, who is forwarding information including the respective
sources included and who is just shouting around without any reason.

By the way: The IOD subject was the last point in my e-mail. Why did
you not say a single word to all the other issues I raise?

It would be kind of you, to do so.
Thank you.

Friedrich Kisters
Human Bios GmbH
Switzerland (... it is next to Germany, by the way)  


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