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Username: pilot2
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 5:55 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V4.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: CyberCitizen: Do You Know What A "Schnorer" Is?


      If you could not afford $35.00 for a .WEB name while you were in college, and owning a .WEB name through IOD was so important to you, then you should have worked for about 4 hours, or 4 extra hours if you already had a job, and scraped it together.  Out of all the nasty, name calling, slanderous, and immature posters in this forum, your post is really the scariest.  It reveals a spoiled, unambitious, and immature character.  What nerve.  Clear the database, affect thousands of people, because you were too lazy to make an extra $35.00 in college.  You had the priveledge of going to college and now you want us to hand you something for nothing.  You should hand your car over to me, because a few years ago, I could not afford one myself.  Your post is so arrogant and self-serving, you make the rest of us, with all our vested interests, look like absolute saints!  That's a real knee-slapper: "I couldn't afford it in college, so now wipe the database clean."   Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha ....... 
You are offensive to those who work extra hard every day, no matter what their point of view in this forum.

By the way, what college taught you such nonsense? 


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