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Username: ElectricSmash
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 2:20 AM GMT
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Subject: It goes deeper than "entrenched powers"


The danger is obvious in giving even more power to the corps. who already have 98% of the market and where there is a threat of a conflict of interest between a member of ICANN and a new TLD applicant. But I believe that the proposed TLD, .web is also dangerous to competition. 

It seems that those groups proposing .web are doing so only to duplicate the exsiting TLD's so that "the people" have a chance at the "good names." And that's a fair point. But what happens when .web is full? Do we then go to .dot or .site? What good does this do for the internet itself but create dozens of new websites all with the same names but different suffixes? Not only will users have to wade through the thousands of sites that return on a search they will have to now search through several sites with the same name! ICANN made this mistake the first time. I believe it's this very reason that ICAAN announced their "quest" to find a new and better way of doing things.  The new TLDs need to categorize the internet into a logical and efficient manner. They need to be restricted to remain organized. Unrestricted, generic domain names will only increase an already out of control net. Soon, the adage, "searching for a needle in a haystack" will be considered an easy find compared to the web.

Generic, unrestricted TLDs is not the answer. It's been tried. It failed. It's time for something that will work.


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