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Username: Monty
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 10:48 PM GMT
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Mr. Stubbs,

I have noticed that you have recently replied in person to one of the postings on this board and so have confirmed to the board that you are reading them.

You will of course be aware that many, many postings here refer directly to your own personal activity and some alleged conflicts of interest via your associations with CORE (affecting the CORE, Neustar, JVTeam and Afilias applications, .per, .nom, .dot, .spot, .info (twice), .site (twice), .surf, & .web (twice)), Afilias (affecting the Afilias application .info (again), .site (again) and .web (again)), iDomain (affecting the iDomain application (again), .ebiz and .ecom) and the DNSO and ICANN organisations which of course determine the outcome of these proceedings.

I think it would be reasonable or at least polite for you to address these points seeing as you are now present at this board.

Please therefore answer the following questions, in the interest of this public debate:

1. Are the details I have posted here true? (They were gathered from the postings already here).

1b. If so then why have you associated yourself with eighteen of the domain applications in addition to the three TLDs and the 160 ccTLDs that are already managed by NSI, and the other member registrars of Afilias.

1c. If you were to be granted all of those that you applied for what would be your plans and how would you ensure that despite your own personal interests you were still able to offer competition to the public?

2. Are you in any way associated with any other applications?

3. Do you believe that your associations (if any) offer any conflict of interest?

4. Do you believe there is anything at all wrong if they do?

5. There appears to be a clash of interest between you condeming the activities of NSI to the House of Representatives in July and then goining into business with NSI yourself in September. Can you elaborate whether this is the case or not?

6. Can you briefly outline your ideal model for the Internet of the 21st century?

Thank you for your attention.

I, and many others here would be grateful for your participation in this group. You are clearly a "key player" and in the absence of dialogue or statement it is only natural to assume the worst.


Angus Montgomery     


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