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Username: concerned
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 4:11 PM GMT
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Subject: Choosing wisely


This is a chance to maintain a semblance of order - for which I admire ICANN and its purpose.  It is my hope that in this selection of approved TLDs it will choose obvious, sensible and appropriate ones that will bring back clarity to web site addresses - not further confusion.

I was disturbed when .org and .net were promoted to everyone.  To me, it was only a way to name grab which ultimately diluted the original intent of a web site address to obscurity and only promoted greed.

Personally, I would like all domain names to be regulated (a dirty word, I know, but in its purest form it is a good thing) like .edu -- and like .org and .net were in the beginning, so that users would understand where to look for sites with more clarity.

I beg ICANN to be thrifty in its number of choices and choose well; so that users, customers, surfers, and the like, will be able to trust a domain name again.       


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