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Username: huguesdb
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 11:17 AM GMT
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Subject: ok for freedom of choice...



Thanks for your reply. I understand the importance of freedom of choice and in no way contest this personally. From my reading of the ICANN application documents and process, the interest of the internet community is a determinant criterion, freedom of choice is not mentioned explicitly. If it were, ICANN would not intend to allow 6 to 10 new TLDs (or thereabouts) but hundreds or thousands of them?

Hence back to my original question or a rephrasing of it : what is the added value, other than increasing the domain name space, of the more generic TLDs such as .web?

I assume that the primary purpose of a .web (for example) is to increase the limited .com name space.
Say 60% of the prime name space is now occupied (I have no idea if this is remotely accurate).
Adding a .web doubles the total space in theory and increases the prime available space by a factor of 3.5.

However, a lot of existing .com registrants will rush to protect their investment in .com by taking the equivalent .web. I certainly will. I would also rush to take those names I missed out in the first instance.

The result after a fairly short period of time could be that the prime .web name space is also occupied to 60% or more - people now better understand the value of a . name and it costs less to register.

This leaves us in a simplar situation to today - with just a little bit more breathing room. The internet professionals have made some money, the users have been strongly prompted to reserve their already existing .com names (as a user, we really did not have much choice!!!)...

This does not seem to be a good way to plan for the future of the internet. It seems to me that there is a need to expand the name space by many orders or magnitude, not just double it.

Compare this to the applications which propose domain names for individuals. The prime name space is significantly increased, it is easy to understand for most people, there are just enough rules (one hopes) to ensure some semblance of order - like mecanisms which ensure all John Smiths have a chance to get their meaningful domain name.

Unless I miss something, it seems that the .web like TLDs are just an extention of the .com - increasing slightly the name space and certainly adding to the confusion in normal users mind as when to use the .web or .com.

Can you think of a simple rule for users to use that allows them to 'know' when to look for something under .com or .web? I admit I cannot.

By the way, I am not against the .web or simplar generic TLD, nor do I have vested interests in competing proposals. I did help put together the .post proposal, though.

I am just trying to understand the substance of the new very generic TLDs rather than focus on the very emotional issues in this forum.

Best regards,

Hugues Du Bois



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